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Join the Partnership

Join those who are bringing investment into San Joaquin County



"Supporting a unified approach to marketing San Joaquin County benefits all local business.  The Partnership has helped transform San Joaquin County into a region full of opportunities for smart and sustained growth.  Every major business should be a member."
    - Doug Urbick, President
       Teichert Construction

"Business has an obligation to give something back to the communities in which they operate.  I can think of no better way of giving something back than providing good paying jobs to help improve the quality of life for our citizens."
- Bob Wheeler, Plant Manager
       General Mills, Inc.

"Future business growth is based on the potential in the marketplace.  Our county will grow with or without leadership.  If we hope to attract highly skilled, higher paying jobs to balance our abundance of low wage jobs, then we must actively recruit the best businesses."
     - Roger Coover, President & Publsher
       The Record

"The expansion of jobs through the San Joaquin Partnership has created a broadened annual payroll base of more than $1 billion.  There is a whole new group of customers living in San Joaquin County.  People with the financial stability to buy homes and consumer goods as well as contributing to the overall tax base of this county."
Michael E. Locke, President & CEO
        San Joaquin Partnership



All Investors Receive the Following:

  $2,000 - Sustaining

  • Highlighted membership directory listing

  • Monthly marketing updates

  • Press releases of location announcements

  • Annual Meeting

  • Holiday Reception

  • Economic View & Business Outlook mail list

   Additional benefits per level:


  • Member of Board of Directors

  • Policy decision status

  • Expanded monthly marketing updates

  • Website listing with hot link to home page

  • Direct client referral


  • Quarterly executive marketing updates

  • Website listing with hot link to home page

  • Direct client referral


  • Website listing with hot link to home page

  • Direct client referral

  • Monthly business activity briefing

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