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Workforce Development

The San Joaquin County community has made a considerable investment in public and private job training programs. Recruitment, screening, assessment and training assistance and funds are available through a number of agencies and programs. This network of Human Resources support provides an integrated approach to accessing resources to meet the needs of individual employers. To maximize benefits in meeting a firmís Human Resource needs, the entities listed below participate in a process to help each employer define applicable programs, the best application process, and facilitate implementation. The objective of this process is to meet the companyís need for qualified, trained employees while maximizing the economic and resource benefits available.

Employment Training Panel (ETP) is a State of California agency that provides $80 to $100 million in job training funds annually throughout the State. ETP is a funding agency -- not trainers. Businesses determine their own training needs and how best to provide training. Funds may be used for four types of training:  New Hire, Retraining, Special Employment Training and Welfare to Work programs. Contracts areperformance based and may be up to two years in length with training for individuals for up to 18 months.  Average contracts awarded range from $1,000 to 2,000 per trainee.

San Joaquin County WorkNet assists firms expanding or locating in San Joaquin County with their human resources and business development needs. WorkNet can assist with developing criteria, active recruitment, screening, testing and assessment of basic skills. With multiple countywide locations, Worknet offers electronic job posting, business and human resource reference materials and interviewing facilities. WorkNet staff assists employers create job descriptions, orientaiton programs, design career ladders and cusomtized training for employees. Employers can receive financial assistance to train thier workforce through the On-The-Job-Training program.

Employment Development Department, the stateís agency for employment services, is the nationís largest employment agency. The EDD is host of the California Job Openings Browse System (CalJOBS), an internet based job listing and self referral system. Employers have the option to enter job openings and search for applicants on their own or through the services of EDD staff. EDD also assists with recruitment, screening for eligibility, interviewing, testing and more on a no fee basis.

Regional Occupational Programs (ROP) offered by the San Joaquin County Office of Education, maintains resources to assist in the recruitment, assessment, and training of new employees. ROP also offers customized training, on or off site, in time frames to meet immediate employer needs. In most instances, the ROP may also provide facilities, equipment and instructors for occupational training as an avoided cost to the employer. Students range from high school juniors and seniors to adults re-entering the workforce or developing their skills. This pool of potential workers ranges from 4,000 to 8,000 contacts.

CalWORKs, within the San Joaquin County Human Services Agency, administers an employer assistance program providing training and job placement to welfare recipients. The program offers innovative and customized training and services designed to assist employers with the cost of hiring and training new employees, and assists those participants who become employed with child care and transportation costs. The CalWORKs caseload is approximately 18,000 adults of which nearly 85% are female heads of households. Sixty percent (60%) of the clients have completed high school or acquired a GED, and the majority have some work experience or a working part time while seeking full time employment. Employing participants of the program may bring federal and/or state tax credits to the employer, especially if located within the Stockton/San Joaquin Enterprise Zone.

San Joaquin Delta Community College Training Programs are a variety of technical certificate programs created in conjunction with local industry. Also available are specialized training courses tailored to specific needs of individual employers. Training, or retraining of employees, can be conducted on the job site, in nearby facilities or on-campus, at times conducive to the employer.

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