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San Joaquin County offers business and industry the considerable advantages of a California State Enterprise Zone. The Stockton/San Joaquin Enterprise Zone was designated June 22, 1993.  Incentives and benefits are available for a 15 year period from the date of designation.

Located in the City of Stockton and unincorporated areas of San Joaquin County, the Enterprise Zone encompasses more than 31 square miles, of which over 11,325 acres are zoned industrial and commercial. Development areas located in the Enterprise Zone include the Airport Industrial Area, the East Stockton Commercial Industrial Area, the Central Business District and the Port of Stockton Industrial Area. Enterprise Zone businesses are able to select from a variety of industrial or commercial sites and existing buildings with excellent freeway connections nearby, and close proximity to major markets, labor and raw materials. Some sites offer rail and air service.

Companies locating or expanding within the Enterprise Zone may benefit from significant state tax and financing incentives. One of the most significant potential tax credits can be obtained by hiring "eligible" or "voucherable" employees.   With the recent designation of the TEA (Targeted Employment Area) Zone, eligible workers are even more abundant.

The Stockton/San Joaquin Enterprise Zone also offers reduced building permit and building plan check fees, and a fee deferral program.  In short, state and local agencies have joined forces to encourage economic growth-with little or no red tape.


By locating in an Enterprise Zone, a firm may qualify for the following incentives offered by the State of California:

  • Carryover up to 100% of net operating
    losses (NOL) to future years
  • Receive a sales tax credit on eligible
    machinery purchases
  • Receive a hiring tax credit of up to
    $31,575+ over a five year period
    for every eligible employee
  • Deduct net interest on loans to
    Enterprise Zone businesses (available
    to individuals, non-commercial and
    commercial institutions)
  • Apply unused tax credits to future years

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The City of Stockton, in concert with San Joaquin County, offers local incentives when locating in the Stockton/San Joaquin Enterprise Zone. A partial list of incentives available to qualifying firms includes:

  • Reduced building permit and building plan check fees
  • Streamlined permit processing at city and county permit centers
  • Employee recruitment, screening, assessment and training for eligible applicants
  • Utility tax rebate for large employers
  • "No cost" and low cost loan packaging assistance for revolving and SBA loans
  • Zero-interest facade improvement loans
  • Fee deferral program
  • Economic Review Committee

The Enterprise Zone program fosters the growth and expansion of business and industry. It is a prime example of a public/private partnership that works: public-sector incentives allow private sector marketing forces to act as the economic revival catalyst, creating a better business environment and quality of life for everyone.


Michael E. Locke, President & CEO
The San Joaquin Partnership
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-or-       Enterprise Zone Manager
City of Stockton
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