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October 10, 2007 - Strategic Plan Update Meeting Presentations
       San Joaquin Partnership Update
       Business Group
       Chamber & Allied Organizations Group
       Entrepreneurship Group
       Workforce & Education Group
            Video Presentation - Dial-Up - 4.1MB
Video Presentation - Broadband - 18.3MB

    Strategic Plan Update - 2nd Qtr 2007
    Strategic Plan Update - 1st Qtr 2007
    Strategic Recommendations
    Community Assessment
    Target Industries

    "Governor Personally Welcomes US GYPSUM"
    U.S. Gypsum Company -- March 1, 2007

    "USG Corporation Announces Two West Coast Growth Initiatives"
    Company to Build New Wallboard Plant in Stockton, CA.
    L&W Supply Agrees to Acquire Building Materials Distributor, CALPLY

    U.S. Gypsum Company -- February 26, 2007

    "Lowe's to Build Flatbed Distribution Center"
    Port of Stockton, CA Facility Will Serve More than 40 Lowe's Stores
    Lowe's Companies, Inc.  -- January 10, 2007

Economic View
    April 2008 (215 kb)                                                                                       Download Now
    March 2008 (232 kb)                                                                                    Download Now
    February 2008 (220 kb)                                                                                Download Now
    January 2008 (250 kb)                                                                                  Download Now
Regional Development Fee Comparative Analysis

    October 2005                                                                                                Download Now

San Joaquin Partnership/The Business Council--"Report to Investors and Members"
    2007-2008 Annual Report (2120 kb)                                                            Download Now
    2006-2007 Annual Report (2714 kb)                                                            Download Now
    2005-2006 Annual Report (4738 kb)                                                            Download Now
    2004-2005 Annual Report (1009 kb)                                                            Download Now

Connecting San Joaquin County -- Assessing Our Readiness for the Networked World
    A Report from the Community -- April 2002                                               Download Now

Altamont Pass Commuter Survey--October 2000
    Altamont Pass Commuter Survey (Executive Summary Only) (314 kb)    Download Now
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